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We are so glad you have decided to check our website today. We are a community bound together and energized by faith in, love for, and commitment to Jesus Christ. If you don't share those beliefs, you are most welcome to be with us, to belong here, to experience what we're about. Then if you are interested and persuaded by what you see, you may want to visit our church, experience our worship service. You may even want to set down roots here long-term. Even if you don't, you'll always be a friend.

If you are new to our Church, we realize that the songs we sing may be unfamiliar to you, so participate only as much as you feel comfortable. Be assured that the message will be practical Good News for your life from God's Word. Take advantage of the outline provided inside the bulletin. It will help you follow the speaker.

Don't feel obligated to participate in the giving time. The offering is intended for those regular attenders who consider Bridgeway their church home.

We encourage you to fill out the Caring Card, and if you wish, include any prayer requests you might have. We'd like to send you a brief letter, and pray for you at our weekly prayer groups. No one will come to your house unlesss you specifically request it.

We also suggest that you take your babies and children to the nursery and Children's Church classes. You can trust your children to the care of dedicated workers of our Children's Ministry. If nursery workers need to contact you during the service, they will use our paging system to notify you.

UPDATE! Google Docs access does not seem to work well with Mac unless you have an account. With Windows, it works for some and not for others. I am checking into browser settings.

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